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Welcome. Second Chance Honey gets its name from my new lease on life after beating Stage 4 Prostate Cancer. This is my sauce, my passion and my joy to share it with everyone. This unique flavor profile provides you with a blend of heat and sweet that will having you trying it on everything. From wings to ice cream there are as many uses as there are amazing customers for this sauce. Please browse our site and get in touch with any questions.
Please take a moment to browse our 7 different sauces. Thank you!



Raise your burger game to the next level with Second Chance Honey Whiskey Blend!



Whats the big deal with a honey hot chicken? Once you try our sauce on your favorite chicken sandwich you won't be able to imagine any other way to have it.



You don't have to lose flavor while eating healthy. Add Second Chance Honey as a delicious and healthy option to your next salad.


My Story

My name is Chris Chamblee and I am a Cancer Survivor. On June 2, 2021 I began my fight against stage 4 Prostate Cancer. Second Chance Honey was created during my recovery. I use this company to give back to help fight against cancer. A portion of every sale goes to cancer research or to directly financially assist a cancer warrior. Thank you for helping my in my mission to show people cancer can be beaten and we can do it together.

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Thank you for helping us fight Cancer!

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